Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to be 18 to participate in the program?

Yes, you must be 18 by the start of the program.

How long does it take to receive a response regarding my acceptance after submitting my application?

Our applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, which means that we evaluate and accept applications as we receive them. Applicants can be notified as early as two weeks from submission or as long as one month. There is no guarantee that an application will be reviewed and accepted if spots are filled before the deadline. It is in the applicant’s best interest to submit an application as soon as possible. The recommendation form can be submitted after the volunteer application is submitted.

Can I receive school credit for my participation in the global volunteer program?

This may be determined on a case by case basis so please contact info@unitedforservice.org for further information.

I do not have a medical background but can I still apply to the Morocco Program?

We recommend that volunteers have a background in the medical, dental or public health field or an interest in pursuing these fields so as to better align volunteer experiences with the program objectives. However, we do consider applicants who may not have a background in these areas.

I do not have knowledge of the local language so will that be a problem?

Although some knowledge of the local language is always helpful the volunteers do not experience any major barriers to communication in fulfilling their service tasks. We have facilitators that will assist volunteers in communicating with the local population.  Not all projects may require constant direct interaction or communication with the locals.

I am not American or Canadian but can I still apply?

Our program is targeted toward American and Canadian citizens. If you are not a citizen of the aforementioned countries but you reside in one of the two countries, we will still consider your application.


I was accepted to the program but can no longer participate. Can I defer my acceptance and reserve my spot for next year?

We cannot hold any volunteer spots for the following season or year because we have a high number of applicants for a limited number of spots. We ask that applicants reapply during the season in which they are interested.

Is it possible to meet or speak with former alumni to learn more about their experiences?

Yes, we can connect you with a former volunteer so that you can learn more about their experiences.


What exactly does the cost of the program cover?

The program cost covers food, lodging, travel insurance and local transportation but does NOT include international airfare to the program country.

I cannot afford to pay for the program so should I still apply?

We request that you only apply if you have a means of paying for the program. Although some applicants may not have personal funds to cover their program cost, many have successfully raised funds for their volunteer trip.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes, we offer a Leadership Award to qualified applicants and there is a separate application for that scholarship.

Can I still fundraise for my program after the fundraising deadline has passed?

The full payment for the program is due on the fundraising deadline. However, volunteers can continue to fundraise until the date of their trip. Any funds raised after the fundraising deadline will be refunded to the volunteers subject to the rules in the answer below.

What happens if the money I receive from fundraising exceeds the program cost?

Any funds raised in excess of the program cost will be sent to the volunteers as a reimbursement for any personal funds they have contributed towards the cost of the program or as a reimbursement for the cost of their flight. Any amounts raised in excess of program costs and airfare will be treated as a general donation toward United for Service that will be allocated towards a Leadership Award for future participants or a designated UFS project.

I was accepted but can no longer participate. What happens to my deposit and the funds that I raised?

If a volunteer has raised funds from external sources and can no longer participate, the volunteer will have to ask the donors to email UFS for a refund of their donated amount otherwise it will be designated as a general donation toward United For Service.


Can I travel before or after the program?

Yes, some of our volunteers opt to travel prior to or after the program but you must arrive in the program country at the start of the program and cannot leave prior to the completion of the program.

Can I volunteer for a longer or shorter period of time?

We prefer that volunteers comply with the existing program schedule. However, depending on circumstances we will strive to work with you so please contact the program manager for further information.

Can I visit or stay with friends or relatives during the program?

You may visit with friends or relatives after the completion of the days’ activities however we prefer that volunteers participate in all activities together. We do not allow volunteers to stay with friends or relatives during the program.

What are the accommodations like?

Most accommodations are in guest houses or small hotels that are equipped with western style bathrooms. In Moroccan villages you may stay in a home and share a room with other volunteers for part of your stay and should be comfortable with an eastern style bathroom. We always maintain gender separation for accommodations, however, meals, activities, and discussion will be undertaken  as a group.  Some accommodations may have facilities for laundry, a common kitchen, and in rare instances access to wi-fi.