Apply to the high school volunteer program to serve the Blackfeet Nation in July 2018!

Muslim high school volunteers have the opportunity to serve and learn about the Blackfeet history and culture during a one-week chaperoned volunteer immersion program on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana! Join us so you can provide a genuine service to the community of elders and children! To learn more and apply click here.

Service opportunities:

  • Elder assistance at the local senior center
  • Delivering meals through Meals on Wheels
  • Sorting items at the food bank
  • Computer literacy
  • Children’s tribal-run summer camp
  • Repair and maintenance


  • Learn about the history of the Blackfeet
  • Visit to Glacier National Park
  • Sweat lodge, visit to rodeo, horseback riding (optional)

An opportunity to serve as a UFS volunteer will allow you to:

  • Work with the Native American community and learn about their culture
  • Collaborate with like-minded Muslim youth 
  • Enhance your leadership and volunteer skills
  • Spend time in nature 
  • Obtain 40 hours of high school volunteer credit

“We’ve witnessed the best of the Blackfeet Community – strong, proud, committed individuals who have transfixed us with their life stories. I’ll always be touched by our time together, and grateful that I experienced this culture.”

– Blackfeet Reservation volunteer

“The volunteers bring their skills, insights, and helping hands to the reservation. But, most important, they bring friendship, curiosity, and compassion. We work together to close the gap of understanding between the Indian and White cultures, and it’s very good.”

– Bob Tail Feathers, Blackfeet Nation member


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