We reached our $7,500 goal to support health and education projects in rural southwest Morocco!

Last December, our UFS volunteer team traveled to rural villages in southwest Morocco including the city of Agadir where we participated in mobile health clinics and dental hygiene workshops, taught in a village elementary school, worked at an orphanage and shadowed doctors at a private clinic. As a result of these diverse experiences, we gained great insight into the different health, educational, and economic needs of the communities we served.

After the completion of the service program, our volunteer team has committed to raising funds for the following projects and we are looking for your support to help make an impact on the lives of hundreds of  individuals in the communities we visited in Morocco:

Project fundraising goals:

1) Water well construction in Riad village – $3,000;

2) Education endowment in Ighil and Akhsmo villages – $2,000;

3) Supplies and expenses for the Tazzanine Association orphanage in Agadir – $2,500

“He, who helps to remove the hardship of another, will have his difficulties removed by Allah in this world and the Hereafter.” -Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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